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The 4 Core Pillars Services to Build Customer Centricity

Digital Marketing . . . conversions thru Sales Optimisation . . . Building efficiency thru marketing automation . . . Intelligent decisions from business intelligence . . .

These milestones completed may sound insurmountable, but these are successful outcomes from real SMACC's clients. We will guide you through the process of maintaining customer life-time value and marketing strategy.

Many businesses consider consistency as the bedrock for overall success. We also apply the same belief to any marketing campaign we manage. We understand how complicated it can get trying to handle everything all by yourself. We can help.

As an independent marketing agency, we support our clients in specially tailored ways related to marketing automation, Business intelligence, CRM optimization, digital marketing, and professional managed services, all under one roof.

Our focus for several years has been to provide managed service options for businesses with tailored ROI-focused campaigns. We bring a combination of marketing and technology experience that drives business growth, lead generation, and industry grounded advice.

Our unique strengths stem from our multi service offerings, the use of innovative ways, and brand optimization second to none in our industry.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We believed organisations should adopted an omni-channel marketing, and this means they should also include digital engagement with their customers.

As a  digital marketing agency, so we understand how to take advantage of the content creation process.

We will start off by fully understanding your business processes and organisational goals before developing a strategic marketing campaign that deliver results to your business. Our digital marketing strategies are tailored to drive engagements to all online channels including search engines, social media, email, and websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

We also have mastered website SEO, on-page optimization, keyword research, backlinking, and data analytics. Our agile approach integrates all forms of digital advertising, and we look to deliver successful outcomes to your business. 

Marketing Automation
App User

Marketing Automation

Our marketing automation service is designed to paint a perfect picture of how you want to lead your customers in a highly segmented and results-oriented way. 

With our platform-agnostic approach, we can either work on the platforms you may already have, or to help you implement a marketing automation solution that fits your needs. Some of the  marketing automation areas we can help you with:

Our experts design and implement personalised lead management process unique to each organization depending on requirements and goals. 

While several web analytics data is limited to providing insights on sources of visitors data and behavior, SMACC marketing automation services can help businesses connect the dots from the beginning of the marketing funnel, through to conversions and reporting and more.

We  can help you master marketing automation so you can run impactful campaigns that capture and convert new leads, generate better quality sales ready leads and increase revenue.

Persona Segmentation

Lead Generation

Customer Lifecycle Mapping

Measuring Marketing ROI

Cross Channel Marketing

Lead Nurturing & Scoring

Giving a Presentation

CRM and Sales Process optimization

An optimized CRM also reflects a better visibility into how and why sales, service and marketing are working well, or not.

Your Customer relations management solutions are quintessential to gain a better understanding of your customer interactions and activities. 

SMACC CRM and sales process optimization is profoundly collaborative. We expand on what is as of now working and what we know from our experience will improve it.

We deal with the entirety of the project requirements, and our top vetted experts will direct you through the process of improving sales and conversion.

Part of our CRM Process optimization includes

Process Innovation & Optimization

We work with all levels of the organization for optimizing CRM system so as to improve business performance.

Strategic & Tactical Business Alignment

Align strategic business impact with tactical business improvement, so that CRM optimization best practices can amplify the benefits from
CRM investment.

CRM & Marketing Automation Alignment

CRM processes integration with marketing processes plays a critical role in facilitating process automation. We will help to develop processes functions between both departments.

Keyboard and Mouse

Business Intelligence

Your business intelligence strategy is essential as all your marketing efforts, because it takes you a step ahead above the noise, to transparent and critical insights that will potentially drive business growth.

Lead the way with our business intelligence and analytics services aimed at providing you with a detailed picture of your business and its present situation.

SMACC provides a flexible business intelligence and data visualization solution with tailored capabilities.


We help the sales team monitor performance, identify which sales techniques are working, and improve the overall customer experience through Business intelligence.

Business Intelligence
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